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JavaScript Projects: Cool Ideas from Beginners to Advanced

The author of this article is tech expert Pieter Murphy.

As a developer, building real-world projects is a great way of enhancing your skills and showcasing your expertise to potential clients and employers.

Since JavaScript is a core programming technology widely employed for web development to create interactive and dynamic user interfaces, proficiency in this language is essential to becoming a developer.

To help you realize this, I’ve collated some projects to provide sources for learning JavaScript so you can build and expand your portfolio. They incorporate the best JavaScript frameworks, techniques, facets, and more to flex your knowledge across topics.

This article's JavaScript web application project ideas are of varying complexities and cover various subjects such as real-time data visualization dashboards, machine learning applications, and e-commerce sites.

Building JavaScript projects will give you practical experience and demonstrate that you can develop real-world solutions using JavaScript.

I’ve categorized the JavaScript programming project ideas into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, so whether you’re an experienced developer looking to enhance your portfolio or a beginner seeking to improve your JavaScript skills, these JS project ideas will most definitely provide you with an experience that will challenge you yet rewarding.

Simple JavaScript Projects for Beginners

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One of the best ways to learn JavaScript is through some JavaScript easy projects designed to be friendly to beginners.

The following are some beginner JavaScript projects you can get started on to hone your skills and prove you have what employers or projects are looking for.

1. Mouseover and Mouseout Element

Doing this project will help you practice JavaScript logic and show you how JavaScript works. As a beginner, you’ll find this project fun as it’ll liven up your user experience. It will give you more insight into using event listeners, functions, and random.  

When learning how to become a JavaScript developer, this project will teach you things like random functions, if-else statements, and event listeners.  

To perform the mouseover element project, copy the JavaScript source code from CodePen and implement it to learn how to assign an ‘onmouseover’ and ‘onmouseout’ to an H1 element.

2. JavaScript Clock

This project is among the top tools for web development practice. It will give you a hands-on experience of the kind of tasks that you’ll be performing as a JavaScript developer.

This short project will let you apply important JavaScript concepts and practice things such as date API, conditional logic, and variables.

With the project, you’ll cover crucial topics like DOM elements, date API, event listeners, functions, program flow, conditional logic, and variables. 

All you’ll need to do is copy a sample of JavaScript source code from CodePen and implement it so that whenever you click the “Party Time!” button in the specified time range, you’ll get a different LOLcat. There are 4 images, and you can make a setting for different times to display different images.

3. Magic 8 Ball

This simple project will provide a solid foundation for creating randomized results using Math.random for JavaScript projects.

You can have fun with such project ideas for JavaScript by letting them make your small life decisions for you or just to impress your friends. It will deepen your knowledge of event listeners, nested functions, and random functions, as they are the key concepts covered by this project.

To build this project, go to GitHub and copy the source code for CSS and HTML, and then implement the JavaScript code to let you pick up the 8 ball, ask it any question, and shake it to receive a somewhat applicable, somewhat enigmatic answer.

You will be happy to know GitHub turns up a long list of magic 8 balls with plenty to show you.

4. To-Do List

This interesting project will improve your skills in coding interactive lists, which are helpful to users as they let them group, remove, and add items. They are suitable for one person.

You can apply such project ideas for JavaScript to your daily life and include them in your portfolio. It will expand your knowledge of local storage API, nested functions, and arrays. It is based on key concepts, including DOM manipulation and event listeners.

The beginning of building this project is copying the JavaScript source code from CodePen and then implementing it to allow you to add new entries and use the buttons to delete items, edit items, and toggle completed items.

5. Epic Mix Playlist

This project is excellent for complete beginners. It will let you practice core JavaScript skills like event listeners and forEach loops, as well as allow you to work with lists and functions.

If you like the idea of showing anyone looking through your portfolio your excellent musical taste, then this project will let you do just that! Use it to lean more on template literals, array loops (forEach), append to array, document.createElement, innerHTML, and classList.

Go to CodeSandbox and copy the source code, then implement the JavaScript code to make an auto-generated list of all your favorite songs together with their indexes/

6. Pet Rescue

If you lack or would like a solid foundation for understanding function parameters and patterns for your education, this project is for you.

Use it to display product inventory on an e-commerce site or, on the other side, as the name suggests, to assist in pet rescues. It will teach you more about using factory objects, methods, parameters, and functions.

To build it, go to CodeSandbox and copy the source code, then implement the JavaScript code to accept an animal’s energy level, species, and name as a parameter and indicate every animal’s sleeping or awake status.

7. Drum kit

This project will show you the interaction between listening to sound and seeing elements on a page and teach you how to remove and add elements. It will help you beef up your JavaScript skills.

The key concepts covered by this project include class, document.querySelector, audio tags, event listener, and arrays.

If you want to build this project, first clone the GitHub repo, then implement the JavaScript code to play the drums by pressing particular keys in the browser.

8. Speech Detection

This project is simply perfect for beginners. It will give you the basics of how speech detection works which is cool and valuable to know. It’ll give you a neat trick for taking notes in your browser.

The project covers critical concepts like event listeners, .textContent, Arrays, and Window.SpeechRecognition.

Here's what you should do to build this project: go to GitHub and copy the source code, then execute the JavaScript code and make it so that whenever you speak, all you say gets transcribed on the paper displayed on your screen. You can find an example of how to do this online.

9. Sticky Navigation

The nature of this project makes it ideal for students; you’ll learn how to keep all your elements in a desired fixed position on a page, a skill you’ll likely need for a front-end developer role for UI.

You can use it to redesign your portfolio or website. This project will take you through essential concepts such as event listeners, .offsetTop, and .querySelector.

For this project, you'll need to go to GitHub, copy the source code, and then implement it so that whenever anyone scrolls up or down the page, the navigation bar stays visible and fixed.

10. Geolocation 

 This project will teach you more about how geolocation works, how to develop for mobile, and how to run tests on your code using a different device or simulators. You can apply this project to your daily life if you get lost or want to double-check your direction. It covers concepts like .textContent, .watchPosition, and .querySelector.

To build this project, go to GitHub and copy the source code, install packages with npm, and run your local server. For the final step, execute the JavaScript code to view your real-time location. Test whether your code is working with iOS or an iOS simulator.

To add to your resume, check out the latest JavaScript trends to stay ahead of the curve and impress potential collaborators or employers.

Simple JavaScript Projects for Beginners

Ideas for JavaScript Intermediate Projects

If you’re familiar with JavaScript and can quickly build beginner-level projects and would like some more challenging ones, then consider attempting the ones below:

1. Tone.js

This micro project will teach you creative ways of making interactive web browser music with advanced effects, synths, and scheduling capabilities.

With this project, you can cover important concepts like tone.Loop, .querySelector, event listeners, and triggerRelease and triggerAttack.  

To build it, visit the Tone.js GitHub.io page, copy the source code, and then implement it to create interactive music in your browser.  

2. Election Map

This impressive project equips you with a strong foundation of the differences between CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, focusing on how and what JavaScript does.

This is a perfect project for your portfolio; you can also use it daily. You can practice it in your free time. It covers concepts such as getElementById, parent-child relationships, function, and if-else practice.  

For this project, copy the source code online to the JSBin website. Then, implement it to add presidential candidates and display the number of votes for every location when you mouse over the location and put it in a table.

3. Login Authentication

This project can be an intro to more advanced JavaScript and Angular JS concepts. You’ll get a peek behind the curtains to see how login authentication works. The project covers dependencies, app controller, state management, and AngularJS.

To build this project, you’ll need to go to CodePen and copy the source code, then execute the JavaScript code to enter an email address and password and wait for the system to check whether the email address and password are valid after you press the “Submit” button.

4. Guess the Word

This great project will give you a solid understanding of working with event listeners and creating global variables. This project can help you learn how to become a Javascript game developer, and other valuable functions that apply even outside gaming.

It covers critical concepts like event listeners, .querySelector, regular expressions, and methods like join(), trim(), split(), and match().

If you want to build this project, go to GitHub, copy the source code, implement it, and have fun guessing letters.

5. Terminalizer

This small project will show you how to record and share your terminal screen with other people. This project can be helpful if you’d like to debug and work on other JavaScript coding projects with friends. It will take you through valuable concepts like setting idle time, using frameDelay, and recording files.

To build it, copy the source code from GitHub and execute the JavaScript code to record your terminal and share web player links.

Ideas for JavaScript Intermediate Projects

Cool JavaScript Project Ideas for Advanced Developers

If you’re an experienced developer or a JavaScript expert and looking for JavaScript project ideas for inspiration, then here are some cool JavaScript website projects you can try out for practice:

1. Maze Game

With this project, you’ll get a clear understanding of how JavaScript functions and core skills can be leveraged to come up with interactive games. You can enjoy this project by putting it in your portfolio and challenging your friends.

One of the best sources to boost JavaScript skills is learning how to create something that is not just popular but also showcases how well you understand the language and how it works. Creating a game like this helps you cover important concepts like loops, element creation, and random and floor.

To build it, go to CodePen, copy the source code, and execute the JavaScript code to play the game.

2. Augmented Reality Web App

This project is an amazing way of learning more about augmented reality and discovering how you can implement it in any web app.

This project lets users interact with augmented reality objects inside a virtual environment. You can use it for applications like marketing, education, and gaming.

To add to your expertise, check out our JavaScript glossary for developers to test out what you might not know.

JavaScript Project Ideas for Advanced Developers


If you’re a professional or an aspiring developer, you’ll need a solid portfolio, and you can use mini-projects to showcase your abilities. Depending on your expertise, you can try out ideas for JavaScript projects to demonstrate your programming competence.

Whether your passion lies in game creation, web development, or data visualization, a project on the list will fulfill your objectives and help you complete the requisite steps to learn JavaScript. Have fun constructing!

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